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Reservations are open for any party size!

For large parties (9+ or more people), please email us at to inquire about a reservation. 


New opening hours:

10 AM-11PM Sun-Thurs

10 AM-12AM Fri-Sat

Our kitchen closes 2.5-3 hours before we close!

471 5th Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11215



Come on in with your friends and family and play boardgames from our collection of over 500+ games! Just $10 a person for 3 hours of gameplay. ($12 a person Friday-Sunday and Holidays) Play while enjoying bubble tea, coffee, beer sandwiches or salads and have a great time! If you want to guarantee a table, you can make a reservation which is $15 a person for 3 hours of gameplay. 


PIONEER RCQ!! Our Pioneer RCQ will be starting at 10AM on June 30th, with a cut to top 8 after a number of Swiss rounds based on attendance. Please show at 9:30AM to check in.


Join our Sip & Play Discord to stay up to date with all our MTG events. Join here


Players who make top 8 will receive prizes in store credit and promos, and the first 32 registrants will receive a Springleaf Drum participation promo! Specific prizing structure to be determined based on attendance.


This is a competitive REL event, and will be staffed by a level 2 judge and a store tournament organizer. Decklists will be required for this event. 

*Top 8 Prizing subject to change if event has less than 32 players 

Example prizing for 32 attendees:

1st) $250 Travel Stipend + foil Goblin Guide + non-foil Goblin Guide + Regional Championship invitation

2nd) $200 store credit + non-foil Goblin Guide

3rd and 4th) $125 store credit + non-foil Goblin Guide

5th-8th) $75 store credit + non-foil Goblin Guide


Pre-register here!

Modern Horizons 3 Pre-release

Super excited for Modern Horizons 3! We'll be hosting pre-release all weekend including Monday as usual! Here are also our pre-order prices for members and non-members for boxes!


Collector Booster boxes

Members: $395 

Non-members: $420 (


Play booster boxes:

Members: $255 

Non-members: $270 (


Here are the designated slot times

6/7 6pm:


6/8 11am:


6/8 5pm:


6/10 6pm:

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