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Reservations are open for any party size!

For large parties (9+ or more people), please email us at to inquire about a reservation. 


New opening hours:

Sunday: 10am-11pm

Mon-Thurs: 11am-11pm

Fri: 11am-midnight

Sat: 10am-midnight

Our kitchen closes 2.5-3 hours before we close!

471 5th Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11215



Come on in with your friends and family and play boardgames from our collection of over 500+ games! Just $10 a person for 3 hours of gameplay. ($12 a person Friday-Sunday and Holidays) Play while enjoying bubble tea, coffee, beer sandwiches or salads and have a great time! If you want to guarantee a table, you can make a reservation which is $15 a person for 3 hours of gameplay. 


Bloomburrow Pre-release is coming soon! Continuing with Monday nights as everyone really enjoyed the extra day if the weekend ended up being busy. Enjoy the cutest set of the year!


7/26 Bloomburrow Pre-release 6pm


7/27 Bloomburrow Pre-release 11am


7/27 Bloomburrow Pre-release 5pm


7/29 Bloomburrow Pre-release 6pm


**Sip & Play Presents Our Modern RCQ Tournament!**

Date: August 11th
Time: 10am (Doors open at 9am)
Location: Sip & Play, Brooklyn
Entry Fee: $50
(Includes a door prize of a Modern Horizons 3 play booster pack for all participants!)

For 32 Players:
1st Place: $250 travel stipend + Sorin of House Markov Ripple Foil Edition + Foil Supreme Verdict Promo + Championship Pin
2nd Place: $200 store credit + Tamiyo, Inquisitive Student Borderless Edition + Supreme Verdict Promo + Top 8 Pin
3rd & 4th Place: $125 store credit each + Supreme Verdict Promo + Top 8 Pin
5th to 8th Place: $75 store credit each + Supreme Verdict Promo + Top 8 Pin

For 50 Players: It'll be even more prizes!

We’re also introducing **CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST!!**
I’ll be waking up extra early to prep and make breakfast for you all. It’ll just be $5 a platter for eggs, choice of meat, toast and juice! I’m transforming into Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar and cheffin it up!!

**Pre-register here:**

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