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Weekly events!

Be a part of Sip & Play's community! We have plenty of weekly events to have plenty of fun and find connection. We're a board game cafe that just wants to facilitate more happiness and to bring people together!

Weekly events


Park Slope Chess Club hosts every Monday at 6pm! 

It's free open play for any interested in chess and they host a bi-weekly blitz tournament too!

Learn more on their Instagram:

Park Slope Chess Club


There is a bi-weekly boardgame meetup and writing meetup that alternate weeks!

Find dates to the bi-weekly board game meetup here!

Find details about the writing meetup here!


Commander night!

If you love Magic's most popular format, Commander, then this is the night for you.

Every Wed at 6pm for just $10 you can play the entire night and join our weekly raffle where we give away playmats, secret lairs or packs to the community.



Modern MTG at 7pm!

Our current prizing structure:

2-1: 3 MH3 Play booster packs + promo pack

2-0-1: 5 MH3 Play booster packs + promo pack

3-0: 7 MH3 Play booster packs + foil promo pack

All participants get a free promo and promo pack with us!

Flesh and Blood @7pm

Format depends on the week with drafts being typical after a set releases!


Family Fridays!

After 4pm, kids play for half off with their parents!


MTG Draft @10:15am

Draft the latest set and every match win is a pack! Participating also nets you a pack if you don't end up winning games!

Lorcana @11am

Play Disney's newest card game and fastest growing community yet at Sip!

Join our Sip & Play Discord to stay up to date with all our events. Join here



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