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Magic the Gathering!

Want to join the Sip & Play community? All of the action is on discord and click here to join: (<- this is another link if the button doesn't work)

Upcoming events

Wednesdays @6pm indoors: Commander night ($10 for the whole night + a raffle- we've been raffling packs and  secret lair cards!)


Modern @7pm $16

3-0 6 MH2 Set booster packs + foil promo pack 

2-0-1 4 MH2 Set booster packs + promo pack

2-1 2 MH2 Set booster packs + promo pack

Trade in 3 packs for one FREE play pass of Modern!

Flesh and Blood @7pm 

Draft: Saturdays @10:15am

$18 Draft pack per match win and even 0-3 gets a draft pack!

3-0 gets a foil promo pack + MONARCH and 2-1's and over get a reg promo pack

Saturday Lorcana @11am!



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