Magic the Gathering!

Want to join the Sip & Play community? All of the action is on discord and click here to join: (<- this is another link if the button doesn't work)

Upcoming events/Schedule

Our typical week goes like this:

Mondays @6pm indoors: Community voted draft! (depends on set)

Wednesdays @6pm indoors: Commander night ($7 for the whole night!)

Fridays @6pm indoors: Most recent standard set draft!

Saturdays @2pm outdoors: Most recent standard set draft! 

Some upcoming events:

Modern Thursdays kicks off 6/24 right after Modern Horizons 2 releases!

entry be $20 and have 16 MH2 set boosters to go around in an 8 man pod prized as such:
6-4-2-2-1-1 with top 2 getting promo packs 

Modern Horizons 2 pre-release ($60 entry with set booster prizes)

6/11 6pm indoors

6/12 2pm outdoors

Modern Horizons 2 draft ($45 entry)

6/18 6pm indoors

6/19 2pm outdoors

Competitive Draft League (Sign-ups end 6/21)

Are you ready to get SWEATY?

Our competitive draft league is taking registrations now! It’ll be on a first come first serve rolling basis and we’ll take people in groups of 8. PM me on discord to sign up.

It’ll be a 4 week league with each week highlighting a different set:

Week 1: Core set 2021 
Week 2: Theros beyond death 
Week 3: Core set 2020 
Week 4: Dominaria  

It’ll be a competitive league that will push the Sip & Play community to get real SWEATY and test our fundamentals. After every draft night, we will rare redraft with the player in first place picking the card they want first.

We’ll prize out at the end of the 4 weeks with whoever has the most points over the leagues time:
winning a match = 3 points
draws = 1 point 
loss is zero points

prizing will be:
1st place: 6 packs of each set we drafted
2nd place: 3 packs of each set
3rd place: 2 packs of each set
4th: a pack of each set
bottom half gets nothing o_o #salty 

We also want everyone to still come to the league night even if one’s record isn’t too hot so we’ll have a participation prize!

If you come to all 4 weeks regardless of record, you’ll get a FREE entry to one of our Monday night drafts! #value I’ll also treat you guys to your drink of choice on our boba menu so you guys won’t be as salty

Entry: 100 for the 4 weeks of drafting!
It’ll start on the last Monday of June @6pm! 
June 28-July 19 will be the leagues time
Sign ups end 6/21