Spring Branches

Seasonal Menu

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Hot: 5.75 Iced 6

You know the vibes

Matcha Lemonade

Med: 5 Large: 6

Our fresh squeezed lemonade with a balance of an earthy shot of matcha.


Large: 5

Popular in South Korea, Yuzu-Ade is a carbonated drink with yuzu marmalade. Yuzu is a citrus with a tart and fragrant flavor of orange and grapefruit.

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade!

Med: 4 Large: 5

Real lemons with our signature recipe = amazing lemonade

Matcha Lavender Oat


Lavender infused into our oatmilk steamed over a matcha shot.

Maple Bourbon Latte

Hot: 6.75 Iced 7.25

Made with real bourbon and definitely the drink we're most excited for this fall.

Honeydew Milk

Med: 5 Large: 6

Tastes like Melona (popular Asian honeydew ice cream)

Rotating Beer/Wine Program

Check out our beer and wine at the front of our store! We're constantly rotating out product from local breweries!