Spring Branches

Seasonal Menu

Fruit Slushes!


Get any flavor from our fruit-boba section into a slush!

Choose from: Mango/Strawberry/Passionfruit/Peach/Green apple/Lychee/Kiwi

Matcha Lemonade

Med: 5 Large: 6

Our fresh squeezed lemonade with a balance of an earthy shot of matcha.


Large: 5

Popular in South Korea, Yuzu-Ade is a carbonated drink with yuzu marmalade. Yuzu is a citrus with a tart and fragrant flavor of orange and grapefruit.

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade!

Med: 4 Large: 5

Real lemons with our signature recipe = amazing lemonade

Matcha Lavender Oat


Lavender infused into our oatmilk steamed over a matcha shot.

Dalgona Coffee

Med: 5 Large: 6

The trendy drink of last year is back this summer! Get this whipped coffee concoction over any milk you want and even add brown sugar or boba to it!

Citrus Line: Grapefruit or Orange Green Tea

Large: 6

Real fruit juice with green tea to make the ultimate refreshing summer drink! Comes with fresh fruit slices too.

Honeydew Milk

Med: 5 Large: 6

Tastes like Melona (popular Asian honeydew ice cream)

Rotating Beer/Wine Program

Check out our beer and wine at the front of our store! We're constantly rotating out product from local breweries!